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SRI SAI COLLEGE,  is one of the accredited institutions of higher education in Ethiopia. It is committed to deliver world class quality education by attracting the best faculty with state-of-the-art facilities and enabling a conducive environment to enhance the teaching-learning process at all levels. At present, we have been offering MBA – ISM program in Information System Management, a unique program that blends Management with IT, the first of its kind in Ethiopia. The program is accredited by HERQA, Ethiopia Ministry of Education & is very successful.

SRI SAI College is offering different Training Programs in the areas of Management, Accounting and IT. We are offering High End Industry Relevant Courses in association with Simplilearn, PECB, Manipal Executive Education, GlobalNxt University Malaysia.

we offer online courses through our LMS. Smart Learning and Happy Learning. 

Training Solutions

Providing Right Trainings to Right Employees


Employee onboarding software (also referred to as induction training software or a learning management system) helps you move onboarding training online for better delivery and management. Using an LMS for onboarding brings big benefits for both your company and employees as new hires join your team.


In sales training, organizations educate their staff to improve their ability to sell more effectively. A useful training program should sharpen sales skills, develop interpersonal skills for better client relationships, and raise the rate at which sellers close deals.

To deliver effective sales training, organizations should focus on developing their own custom sales training program. To help agents reach their full selling potential, your program should include standard sales skills training as well as product- and organization-specific training.

Employee Trainings

When employee training and development is successful, it transforms individual employees and entire businesses — helping teams improve today and continue growing long-term.

Together, employee training and development lead to smarter, more capable, and more successful teams.

Employee training and development isn’t just nice to have. It’s a major factor in driving business success. Organizations that invest in nurturing talent enjoy more stability, higher engagement, and significant growth down the line.

Compliance Training

Compliance training is a broad term describing the process of educating employees on the various state, industry or company mandated laws and regulations that apply to their roles and responsibilities.

When compliance training is successful, companies run smoothly. Unsuccessful training, on the other hand, leads to hefty fines, litigation, and, in some cases, the loss of an operating license.

These consequences make compliance training one of the most important types of training for an organization.

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Train every employee and partner with the best manufacturing LMS

No matter who you need to train, choose an LMS for the manufacturing industry that every team member will find easy to use. From the seasoned technician, to the new-hire, to your partners around the world, TalentLMS lets you offer training to everyone, from anywhere.


Offer training to every employeewith a top healthcare LMS

Train your employees and medical staff with a top LMS for the healthcare industry. Trade expensive in-person seminars for online training, and rest easy knowing your teams continue to get all the information they need, without the extra costs.


The online training platformtrusted by software teams

When software companies don’t have access to up-to-date, consistent information, sales teams suffer, support teams scramble, and new engineers are lost. TalentLMS’s functionality helps automate learning and development so great software companies keep growing.